Woman Owned Business

Having opened A.C.E. Abatement LLC in 2014 with great pride, not only for becoming a true entrepreneur, I am a woman in a typically man's world.  When people see me at the door or when they hear me say "I'm the owner" they immediately ask me, "How did you end up in this business?" That's when I explain that having been in the Real Estate world since 2005 I know the importance of having deals closed and asbestos and mold are 2 very big issues that can arise during the buy and sell process.


Therefore, with my passion for Real Estate and my superior customer service skills I knew that I could provide homeowners with a satisfactory job to get the deal sealed.  I also try to educate them on the fact that asbestos can be present in many, many home building products and before renovating they should have the materials tested by a professional for their safety and that of their family as well.


So remember, before you swing the hammer call - A.C.E. (a clean environment) Abatement LLC.


Have a glorious day

Dianne L'Altrella

Proud Owner of A.C.E. Abatement LLC


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